Distance Converters

Easy-to-use tools provides quick conversions between different units of distance. Whether you need to convert miles to kilometers, kilometres to miles, metres to kilometres, or feet to metres.

Convert Miles to Kilometres:

One kilometre is approximately equivalent to 0.621371 miles.

Convert Kilometres to Miles:

One mile is equivalent to approximately 1.60934 kilometres.

Convert Metres to Kilometres:

One metre is equivalent to 0.001 kilometres.

Convert Feet to Metres:

How to Use the Distance Convertors

  • To Convert Miles to Kilometres: Enter the distance in miles in the first input field under 'Miles to Kilometres Converter'. Click 'Convert to Kilometres' to see the result in kilometres.

  • To Convert Kilometres to Miles: In the 'Kilometres to Miles Converter' section, input the distance in kilometres. Press 'Convert to Miles' to get the equivalent distance in miles.

  • To Convert Metres to Kilometres: Under the 'Metres to Kilometres Converter', type in the distance in meters. Click 'Convert to Kilometres' to view the conversion in kilometres.

  • To Convert Feet to Metres: In the 'Feet to Metres Converter' area, enter the number of feet. Hit 'Convert to Metres' to obtain the distance in metres.